by J.Reu

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released July 8, 2014



all rights reserved


J.Reu Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Straight To The Bank

[Hook: x2]
I'm going straight to the bank with this one
I don't care what nobody thinks with this one (Real Talk)
Ain't nobody fucking with this one
Because I got my Jays on, Jays on, on another level

[Verse 1: J.Reu]
Hop up out the chevy no rims no nothing
When it comes to the tracks I win no running
I leave your girl cumming, wetter than a faucet
Never been gay I ain't got no closet
Safety deposit, Key with the little door
Your girl is my hoe, Your wife is a little whore
More girls than VH1
I got a Hemi but I'm healthy like a V8 son
I'm ballin' premature like Lebron
Blowing up like a terrorist I'm the bomb
Wait I'm Sadom, No, I'm Osama
I am the party like DJ Trauma
Ambulance Vroom Vroom I'm so illy
I see you but still there's no deal-y
Deal or no Deal, I'll still lyrically kill
Money on the table, I like fancy Meals (Mills)

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: J.Reu]
Hello He's back like a serial
Killer where's the milk for my cherrios
Here we go, back and forth like ping pong
Walk in side the club and they gave me a theme song
I'm so right like a left wrong turn
That baby don't look like me shawty got the wrong sperm
Hey when will you learn, just because you gave me brain
I am not Barack Obama so stop expecting change
Yeah Cause I don't pay bills
No silicone I like my girls real
Pill popping animal, Syrup sipping nigga
Patron got me faded I ball like the clippers
She playing with my zipper got my dick wetter than flipper
I'm gone off patron but still I'll never lick her
I hit her, quit her, on to the next
Now she on twitter, like who he gone tweet next

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: J.Reu]
Yeah, on another level, bass clef no treble
No G to gent cause I'm a muhfuckin rebel
I'm real, ya'll on that Milli Vanilli mood
I'm hot earths core that's my longitude latitude
No attitude just swagger
Well she had a dude but I bagged her
Toe tagged her, like a crime scene
No lie I'm the truth in my religion jeans
Yeah My nigga's clean, Me and My nigga's be
Rappers nightmares Dog we living dreams
We living nice, good life no Kanye
I'm a Big Boi but still a OutKast like Andre'
3000 you mad cause I'm styling
We ball you a hater so you fouling
I'm wild-n no Nick Cannon I'm sick of talking like a break up I'm gone